​Here are our suppliers with brief descriptions of the products they offer. Please visit their websites by clicking the logos below for more information. 

Fresh, Sun, Pure Sun & Organic Dried Tomatoes; Authentic Dried Mexican Chiles; Roasted/Smoked Dried Tomatoes, Chiles & Cherries; Smoked Chile-infused Sea Salts; Frozen Tomato, Chile & Specialty Purees. Located in Woodland, CA 

IQF Reduced Moisture Ready-to-Eat Vegetables & Fire-Roasted Vegetables; IQF Guava & Mango; Blends: Custom Blends & Packaging.  SQF Level 3 certified. Located in Merced, CA.

Dried Herbs & Spices; Seasoning Blends; Organic Herbs & Spices; Custom Herb & Spice Blend Development & Formulations; Bulk, Batch & Jar Packaging; SQF Level 2 certified. Located in Commerce, CA. 

IQF Fresh Frozen Conventional & Organic Herbs; IQF Fresh Frozen Specialty Vegetables; SupHerb Culinary Fusions Pastes & Blends; SupHerb Culinary & PURE Purees; SQF Level 2 certified. Located in Turlock, CA.   

All Natural Crystalized Dry Citrus & Fruit; Patented formulas & processes capture and lock-in the purees, juices, oils & essences of citrus & other fruits; Customer formulas & particle sizes. Located in Baltimore, MD.